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DAV institutions, under the aegis of DAVCMC, New Delhi are doing an exceptionally brilliant job to shape the destiny of millions of students throughout the nation. I, being the Principal of DAV Edward Ganj Sen. Sec. Public School can take legitimate pride in the service rendered by this institution in Malout. It always makes one feel great to see the young kids grow and shape into valuable members of the society. Fortunately, we have been able to contribute adequately in this regard.In this global era, an institution which can instill global quality, caliber and class in its students and equip them for the challenges of the present times, deserves genuine acclaim and recognition. Doctors, engineers, PCS officers, legal luminaries, entrepreneurs and a host of other successful professionals groomed by this DAV school have helped it earn the rubric of a premier institution of the Malwa region.Academics is, of course, our mainstay as it should be of any well reputed institution. But besides it, we have made immense strides in culture field and sports. Winning top positions at state and National level in these fields gives boost to our morale and goads us to march ahead for future ventures.The school in its journey of 30 years has accomplished several benchmarks and has earned an enviable slot among the institutions of state. The credit for the same goes to the collective and well co-ordinated efforts of the whole staff and the LMC of the school. We have all worked as a family for the progress and growth of this school.I shall be failing in my duty if I do not express my profuse gratitude towards the parents of our students who have always stood by us as pillars of strength in the course of our academic journey. As Principal I can never and should never feel complacent for what we have achieved, as future challenges are always there. I stand committed for the same.